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055 - 2020 VISION

055 - 2020 VISION


Letter From the Editor:

A few years ago Chris Berglund had a dream that we were stewarding a total of 22 mandates. Since prophetic dreams are often symbolic, we have been unsure whether the number 22 was literal or figurative. However, what we do know for sure is that God has entrusted us with multiple prayer mandates that we are to continue carrying in intercession as we exercise Isaiah 22:22 type of governmental authority. At times the Lord leads us into specific short-term assignments, like the midterm elections or the nomination/confirmation process for the Supreme Court. However, when we refer to our “mandates,” we are speaking of the long-standing assignments for which the Lord has invited us to take responsibility in prayer until the fulfillment of his purpose is fully manifest. A few examples of these “22 mandates" are the ending of abortion, the great awakening of the Church in America, the “ekballo-ing” of laborers into the harvest field, and the shifting of the U.S. Supreme Court. In today’s Briefing, we are introducing yet another one. For now, we’ll call it the "2020 vision," but this mandate - should you choose to accept it - will carry on for years to come.

-- Cheryl Amabile


Dean Briggs, co-author of The Jesus Fast with Lou Engle, received a significant dream several years ago that he didn’t fully understand until they started writing the book together.

In Dean’s dream, he was an engineer who was on a mission to detonate an atomic bomb. When he did, a massive mushroom cloud filled the sky. Then, the sky was suddenly filled with a panoramic movie screen that all the world could see. The screen was displaying the story of the gospel as if it were being told by God himself. Dean understood that the window of time to respond to the truth was now very short. Next in the dream, he heard Mike Bickle announce, “Everything is about to change, and we must be prepared! This is the beginning of the ‘Billion Soul Harvest!’” As the vision faded, Dean ran into a shell-shocked young man who readily received the gospel. Others came by and many of them were also eager to receive Christ. As the dream ended, signs, wonders and miracles were breaking out everywhere. The anointing to save, heal and deliver was following even the simplest preaching of the gospel. Dean woke from the dream at exactly 3:16 am. He sensed in his spirit that the time on the clock was indicating John 3:16.

When Dean initially had this dream he did not understand the symbolism of the atomic bomb. It wasn’t until years later, in the context of hearing Lou’s prophetic history, that he learned of Franklin Hall’s teachings in the 1940’s which compared the spiritual power of the 40-day water fast with the natural power of the atomic bomb. Both Dean and Lou were awestruck as Dean suddenly recalled his dream in the middle of their book project on the 40-day fast.

Could this book and the propagating of extended fasts across the nations of the earth be the very detonating of this mushrooming, worldwide, atomic explosion? Has God purposed for the power of mass fasting and prayer to open the eyes of a billion souls ready for harvest? If you believe as we do, that the fast is a significant part of God’s end-time strategy, then please join us in praying for increasing, worldwide participation in 40-day fasts throughout 2020 and beyond.


Lou Engle recently sent out the following announcement:

For 20 years, TheCall and the mobilization of united prayer and fasting has gone forward in stadiums, arenas, and open fields across America and the nations. Now peering into the horizon of 2020, I have been gripped, along with many leaders across the world, that we are at the dawning of a 2020 vision of breakthrough into great harvest and a new worldwide manifestation of Jesus in his evangelistic power. Born out of 30 years of history and a prophetic storyline that points to this moment called Now, we are calling forth a Global 40-day Jesus Fast in 2020 for the whole body of Christ. We are focusing the fast during Lent, March 1st - April 9th, [but other countries and peoples may determine what is the best time of the year for them to participate].

This vision is not carried by one man or one ministry. Hundreds of leaders across the world will blow the trumpet of faith-filled fasting for their own nations, cities, and churches. Many can blow this trumpet call far wider than I. Let it be a movement, not a singular ministry. Heaven is groaning for a unified sound that will sweep the skies of demonic obstacles. The veil that covers all nations must be swept away so that the eyes of the blind may behold the glory of God in the face of Christ. Let the church beg the Lord of the Harvest to hurl forth laborers into His harvest fields; then GO! and preach the gospel.

A few years ago, Lou dreamed he was preparing to mobilize all of Spain to the 40-day fast. This dream may likely have a literal interpretation and fulfillment. However, we find it interesting that when the Apostle Paul expressed his intention to go to Spain in Romans 15, it would have been for him the furthermost reach of the gospel going all the way west. This is how we want to think and pray for the 40-day fast. May the idea of participating in a global fast run from the east all the way to the west, that the body of Christ in our generation would rise together like a corporate champion (Ps 19).

- Let us pray for the fast to spread quickly through the nations of the earth.
- Pray for leaders in every tribe and tongue who will lead the charge.
- Pray for mass revelation of the purpose and power of the 40-day fast.
- Pray for the grace of extended fasting and prayer to come upon this generation.

* For more insights on the 40-day fast, revisit The Briefing 044 - The Storm of the Lord and 017 - The Latter Rain.

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