The Briefing is reaching thousands of intercessors across the globe with real-time revelation for strategic intercession from the very prayer community that birthed the movement of TheCall. Our initial and enduring focus has been the turning of America back to God. This led to a mandate to raise up prayer for the ending of abortion, for government, and for a mass awakening of the Body of Christ to reap a harvest of souls in the nations of the earth. Unto this end, the Lord has prophetically led us into many national and international assignments. It is in this context that The Briefing exists to capture the current prophetic directives, along with the key dreams and insights that are being entrusted to our team, and to disseminate them to our extended covenantal prayer community for unified, revelation-fueled intercession.


Our prophetic community started over thirty years ago in a garage in Pasadena, where Lou Engle and Chris Berglund would pray together in the early morning hours. Hidden from the eyes of the world, they made a covenant to seek God with all their hearts. Within this covenant friendship, the Lord released prophetic dreams that created a platform of faith to pray what they understood to be strategies from heaven. They prayed. Chris dreamed. Lou trumpeted. Over time, divine revelation led to divine national assignments and we discovered our DNA.

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From the garage to the National Mall in DC, our little prayer group suddenly mushroomed to four-hundred thousand when TheCall was born. Since then, Justice Houses of Prayer, Ekballo H.O.P., and many other prayer communities were raised up from this covenant circle of friendship and intercession. All the while, the impetus of prophetic dreams and downloads have kept us moving together in unified purpose.


In 2017, after many years of helping steward this prophetic flow, Paul and Cheryl Amabile founded The Briefing to streamline communication to the individuals and outposts of this growing army of intercession.



In recent years, seasoned prophetic voices have exhorted our team that God intends to raise up many thousands of intercessors and prayer cells who will partner with us in the purposes ahead. It has been prophesied that in addition to contending for national breakthroughs, we would become a "corporate plow" preparing the way together for the proclamation of the gospel and the subsequent fruit of unprecedented harvest. The Briefing has been raised up in cooperation with this dream of God’s heart, to allow many to move together as one.


Cheryl Amabile is the editor of The Briefing. The Amabiles initially joined the Engles at the start of 2005 to help pioneer the Justice House of Prayer in Washington, DC. Paul and Cheryl quickly became trusted leaders in TheCall movement, playing many vital roles over the years. Cheryl’s gift as a prophetic strategist and scribe has been a valued service to TheCall community and their network of leaders. Now, as editor of The Briefing, Cheryl is honored to bring our growing global community into the very counsel of revelation that we have been stewarding together for the sake of unified prayer.

Spiritual Oversight

The Briefing was formed to steward the revelation coming forth from our long-standing community of intercessors who recognize and respect the leadership of Lou Engle and Chris Berglund, along with their wives and team of prophetic mothers and fathers.