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056 - Freedom March

056 - Freedom March


Letter From the Editor: 

 Next week in Orlando, Florida, history is being made. On September 14th, from 1:00 to 5:00 in Lake Eola Park, the Freedom March organization will be holding its next march. We believe this initiative is part of the fulfillment of long-standing prophetic promises regarding a sound of deliverance for the LGBT community that will change the atmosphere of this nation and others. In today’s Briefing, we fill you in on some key prophetic data as well as recent events that are converging in a now moment of time. Let’s catch this window of opportunity and put our hands to the plow of intercession for heaven’s agenda to come to earth. 

- Cheryl Amabile 





In the introduction to The Briefing 046 - Stonewall to Wailing Wall, we shared with you the "HA HA” prophetic dream of twin tornadoes that were trying to destroy America. In case you missed it, the “H” and the “A” stood for the demonic entities behind Homosexuality and Abortion. In the dream we had to restrain these principalities to save the nation. As a response to this mandate, the Lord led us to launch the Justice House of Prayer and Bound4Life in Washington, DC, which have now been led by Matt Lockett for over a decade. In the past fifteen years, these two ministries have seen hundreds of thousands of intercessors take up the B4L “band prayer,” to rumble against the tornado of abortion.  


In the Fall of 2005, we also sent a team from the gates of government on Capitol Hill to the gates of culture in San Francisco. We began to lift up a cry of intercession for those trapped in lifestyles of homosexuality and gender confusion. One night we received a dream in which concentric circles were emanating from our prayer room in San Francisco. The shockwaves of sound being released over the city were referred to as an “ultrasound”. As we pondered the language and imagery of this dream, the Lord began to speak to us about its meaning. We sensed it was showing how the sound of intercessory prayer would lead to the sound of testimonies from those being healed and set free from homosexuality. This ripple effect of increasing prayer and subsequent testimonies would expand and multiply until it became a great, i.e. ULTRA, sound in the earth. We believed God was saying that the testimonies of changed lives would be to homosexuality what the ultrasound has been to abortion.


When abortion was first legalized in America in 1973, ultrasound technology was relatively new and rarely used in our hospitals. The myth of the day was that a developing fetus in a woman’s womb was not actually a baby, but rather a "blob of tissue." This gross falsehood helped to anesthetize the conscience of the masses while the practice of abortion become normalized in the minds of a generation. Over time, thanks to ultrasound imaging, it has become harder to ignore the reality that a child in the womb is a living and masterfully formed human being. Meanwhile, on the issue of sexual identity, a prominent idea has arisen in our day that individuals with same sex attraction or gender dysphoria were “born that way” and therefore “cannot change.” Yet, as a growing number of men and women who once identified as LGBT testify of dramatic change and restoration through the power of Jesus, this lie will also be seen for what it is.

In recent years we have seen God raise up significant freedom movements amongst those coming out of alternative lifestyles. We believe we are at the beginning of the fulfillment of Bob Jones' prophetic encounter of 1989 in which he saw 100,000 people being saved, healed and delivered out of homosexuality as the first fruits of revival. Elizabeth Woning, a dear friend and co-founder of Equipped to Love and Changed Movement, received a similar word from the Lord just a few years ago. Elizabeth was ministering in the UK in 2016 when she heard in her spirit, “God is moving in the LGBT community in unusual ways. Yours is the first wave of revival.”

Last year, Elizabeth and her ministry partner Ken Williams were asked to testify before the California Assembly Judiciary Committee in opposition to Assembly Bill 2943. Afterwards, one of the senators stated that he didn’t believe their stories of having come out of homosexual backgrounds. In response to his skepticism, Ken and Elizabeth gathered a group of friends who also had experienced real change in their sexuality or gender identity. They put together a resource of firsthand testimonies and published them in a book they titled “CHANGED.” Each California legislator was then hand-delivered a copy of their own.


Since that time, Ken and Elizabeth have continued to receive testimonies from around the world and are uploading them to the internet at Niether of them had ever heard our ultrasound dream, but they share a deep conviction that God is releasing a Revelation 12:11 initiative of testimonies to bring healing and hope to the gay community.

“And they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of their testimony...”

Next week’s Freedom March in downtown Orlando will feature the ultra sound of Angel Colon’s and Luis Ruiz’s testimonies, amongst others. Angel and Luis both survived the tragic 2016 Pulse nightclub shooting that took place just a few miles down the road from the upcoming march. They have amazing stories of returning to the Lord after the trauma of that night. Angel was shot five times. Luis was trampled as people frantically tried to escape the shooter. The Lord met them in those experiences and drew them into new life. Now they lead a powerful ministry together, Fearless Identity, that extends the gospel to the LGBT community. Both men have also become active speakers at Freedom Marches as well as participants in the CHANGED Movement.


These ministries are on the frontlines of a historic Holy Spirit movement of evangelism and revival. We believe God has purposed for a burgeoning army of intercession to rally behind them, and Him, so together we might break open the way for captivity to be taken captive. Let’s be that army.

Latest update from Elizabeth Woning: "Several LGBT-affirming organizations have recently spoken out against Freedom March, Luis and Angel, and the CHANGED Movement. Efforts are being made to revoke the event permit and there are rumblings of a plan to protest the event that day. Well known gay Christian leaders, such as Alan Chambers, have been outspoken against CHANGED and so our name recognition is growing. That is wonderful and terrible at the same time. Every article in gay magazines that criticizes us also carries testimonies of life-changing encounters through Jesus’ love. They are inadvertently promoting our message! So, there is a silver lining, but now increased risk in all we do publicly."

Please join us in a unified thrust of prayer throughout this coming week for the message to continue to go forth that Jesus loves LGBT people and that the experience of His love is life-changing.

Pray for the safety of all involved in the Freedom March, for justice to be upheld in every civil and legal matter, and for slander and curses to fall to the ground.

Pray in the Spirit to resist and restrain the demonic realm, while also calling forth the 100,000+ out of the grip of darkness.

Pray for the full healing, deliverance and restoration of those struggling with sexual brokenness.

Pray for the frontline ministries of CHANGED Movement, Equipped to Love, Freedom March, Fearless Identity and others that God has raised up for such a time as this.

055 - 2020 VISION

055 - 2020 VISION