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054 - TheCRY for Canada

054 - TheCRY for Canada


Letter from the Editor
“Your battles are our battles!” These are the words of covenant that Faytene Gresseschi spoke to our team in Nashville when she brought a group of young people from Canada to fast and pray with us on 7/7/07. Covenant goes both ways and now is an important time for us to return the favor. The following Briefing shares some of the backdrop of Canada’s prophetic promises as well as the current battles that must be won for the Kingdom’s sake. Let’s join forces and contend for Canada!

- Cheryl Amabile

TheCRY for Canada

To rightly understand the invitation of God to us in this hour, we need to revisit our prophetic history. In 2006, just before the 100th anniversary of the Azusa Street Revival, God led us into 40 days of fasting and prayer at the gates of Harvard. Our dual objective at the time was to counter humanism in our nation’s universities and raise up a standard of intercession in response to Iran’s threats against Israel. Surprisingly, in the middle of this assignment, we also received a dream about a Canadian speed skater in the Olympics. In the dream, it was very important to God that we rooted for Canada to win their race.


A few years later, in the wake of President Obama’s election, Canada was prophetically brought to the forefront once again. One of our leaders dreamed that she was with Dutch Sheets on Canada’s election day. Just when it seemed that antichrist powers were dominating the landscape, something remarkable happened and they “tapped into a root of mercy” that turned the tide of history. In the dream, this “root of mercy,” was simultaneously called a “CRY of mercy.” Amazingly, it released a power that was like the very power that raised Jesus from the dead!

Interestingly, Faytene Gressechi leads a ministry in Canada called "TheCRY.” This movement rallies people to solemn assemblies of prayer similar to TheCall. TheCRY has scheduled an upcoming gathering on October 12, 2019, about a week before Canada’s next federal election.


We had the chance to hear from Faytene in Colorado Springs this month at the Contend America prayer event. Faytene recounted how the country of Canada was birthed in covenant with God but has strayed far from its righteous roots. Yet, recurring historic prophecies point to an end-time revival within this nation that will touch the ends of the earth and help to usher in the return of Christ.*

Tragically, this land of promise has become a battleground for the unborn. Abortion has been legalized in Canada at any stage of pregnancy without restrictions. Faytene also informed us that if a Canadian woman is unable to access an abortion provider in her province to perform a late-term abortion, the government actually provides for her to travel to Colorado for this life-terminating procedure.

Though our nations share in the killing of innocent children, when the anti-abortion movie Unplanned was released in America this March (#047 The Battle of Lockett’s Farm), Canada refused to air the film. In response, Faytene co-organized a 9 month boycott of Cineplex theaters, the largest movie chain in the country. Then, on May 14, 2019, the 50th anniversary of Canada’s legalization of abortion, Harvest Ministries International hosted the first private showing of Unplanned in the Edmonton Expo Center. Over 2800 people flooded the arena to watch this true story which the liberal media has dubbed “propaganda". Eventually, through the collaborative efforts of the film’s producers, a Christian distributor, and other pro-life activists, Cineplex and several other theaters agreed to carry the film.

On July 12th, Unplanned premiered on a limited number of screens across Canada. On opening weekend the movie had the second highest per screen profit average in all of North America. The film’s producers recognize that the movie’s success in Canada could be integral in opening doors to other international venues. Meanwhile, Unplanned will soon shift into private screening licenses where groups and organizations in Canada can host their own showings.

Let us recognize this strategic opportunity to fight for the soul of Canada as a window into the atrocity of abortion has been opened to her on the big screen. Let us also stand in prayer with our northern neighbors in these critical weeks leading up to their federal elections. We believe the Church of America tapped into a root of mercy before our 2016 elections. What could it mean for Canada if we join her in a cry for the same?

Pray with us for the Unplanned movie to spread swiftly throughout Canada and become a beacon of truth amidst a culture of death.

Pray for a testimony to go forth that opens doors in many nations for this important film.

Pray for the Church of Canada to be awakened and catalyzed to elect righteous leaders and to shift the nation into the end-time purposes of God.

Pray for a gathering anointing between now and the federal elections and for a "CRY of mercy" to resonate throughout the land.

“Jesus, I plead your blood over my sins and the sins of our nations. God, end abortion and send revival to Canada.”


Dr. Yonggi Cho in Nova Scotia, 1984: "The Holy Spirit spoke in my heart that God was going to raise up tremendous churches in Canada and that Canada would be used as a missionary sending country and would open the way for Jesus Christ to return to this earth."

Relayed by James Watt, leader in the Latter Rain Revival, Saskatchewan, 1948 -1953: “In the 1920's, Smith Wigglesworth and Dr. Charles S. Price foretold of a significant revival in Northern Canada in the late 40's. They described it as a great wave of blessing that would bring great hope to the world. But because man would introduce a mixture, God in grief would withdraw. The wave would secede, leaving a desert condition for a generation of 50 years. But, at the end of the century, another wave would roll in - ten times more power and glory than the first. It would continue in blessing until the return of the King!”

Prophecy by Puritan reformers to those who sought to persecute British loyalists settling in Canada circa. 1776: "Do not hinder these people. Let them move to Canada. Do not seek to incorporate the land of Canada into America. I am in the independence of America from Britain, and will mightily use this country. But, Canada has been reserved by me for the last days for a special work."

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