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011 - An Esther Movement

011 - An Esther Movement


Our attention was captured earlier this year with a vision of a coming Esther Movement. Lou had been fasting and praying in Estes Park, Colorado when he dreamed he saw thousands of women coming from every direction to hear the Book of Esther being taught. The woman teaching on Esther pointed to the text and said: “These two words mean Nazgul.” Lou woke from the dream knowing what it meant... In The Lord of the Rings Trilogy, the Nazgûl were the Ringwraiths: demonic-like spirits that were destroying the armies of men. In the midst of battle, the Witch-king of the Nazgul was confronted by the princess who was disguised behind her armor. He defied her by taunting, “No man can kill me!” Right then, she pulled off her helmet, let down her hair and pierced him through declaring, “I am no man!” Instantly, Lou sensed there are certain principalities and powers that cannot be conquered apart from women - abortion being one of them!



In Esther’s day, she faced a sovereign death decree against her and her people. According to Bible scholar Derek Prince, her adversary Haman was practicing divination through the casting of lots and had aligned himself with demonic powers to destroy the whole Jewish population. Esther’s 3-day fast was needed to break the spiritual power channeled by Haman’s witchcraft. However, it was not enough for Esther to stop there. Once the spiritual dimension of Haman's decree was countered with spiritual weapons, his actual position and plan had yet to be challenged. At this point, to effectively save her people, Esther had to emerge from the chambers of fasting and prayer and go uninvited into the courts of the king.



We believe we have come to a similar hour in America regarding the death decree of abortion. On October 9th, as a corporate Esther gathers on the National Mall, we will have the opportunity to deal a final blow to the demonic stronghold behind this genocide. Then, our prophetic journey of fasting and prayer beckons us to go boldly into the courts of government. Former Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia, a decidedly pro-life judge, once acknowledged in conversation the atrocity of abortion, but challenged, “Where is the moral outcry?” In response to this charge, Kelsey Bohlender, who has worked alongside TheCall for over a decade, is spearheading a nationwide endeavor called The Moral Outcry. This public petition to overturn Roe V. Wade will give voice to the potential millions who wish to declare before the Supreme Court that abortion is a crime against humanity. I encourage you to read more from Kelsey about how the Lord brought forth this strategy and why it may be the most important next step in our fight to end abortion!


We urge you to pray with us that this petition will become like the voice of many waters. Our nation has recently watched firsthand the grievous devastation caused by floodwaters in storm-swept cities. May our homes and people be preserved in these tumultuous times, but may a torrent of the word of the Lord - through His people - flood the Supreme Court and overwhelm the stronghold of abortion.

Then hail will sweep away the refuge of lies and the waters will overflow the secret place. “Your covenant with death will be canceled, and your pact with Sheol will not stand; When the overwhelming scourge passes through, then you become its trampling place. Isaiah 28:17-18

- Pray forth this Esther Movement - for women across the Body of Christ to rise up in authority and responsibility to turn the tide of history.

- Pray for a flood of truth to eradicate the ideologies and arguments behind abortion and for Roe V. Wade to be completely overturned in America.

- Pray for supernatural mobilization of The Moral Outcry petition to millions!

- Sign the petition and forward it to all of your pro-life contacts.

- Join us on the National Mall, October 9th, for a day like no other in our generation.

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