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012 - Psalm 68

012 - Psalm 68

Letter From the Editor:

Over the course of this year, God has been using a Psalm to help frame our understanding of the time and season we find ourselves in as a nation. I’m excited to share with you the crux of this revelation we’ve received and how it plays into the current rallying cry for women to arise in this hour. In doing so, I’m reminded of a dream I had several years ago in which I saw a manifestation of motherhood being restored in America. In the dream, this corporate mother was depicted as the Statue of Liberty who had come to life! She was as tall as she is in New York Harbor, but instead of the tablet in her arm she held an open bible. I saw her calling out to whoever might hear, saying: “Come to me all who are weary and heavy laden and I will give you rest for your souls!” I understood she would meet many desperate needs, including the salvation of people’s souls. As you read below, I think you’ll agree that we’ve come to a fullness of time for dreams like this to be realized. Let’s stand together in the place of intercession and bring God’s dreams to pass!

- Cheryl Amabile



The Lord gives the command; 

The women who proclaim the good tidings are a great host. Psalm 68:11

In January, Lou Engle was in Washington, DC with David Bradshaw as he shared the vision for Awaken the Dawn’s tent gathering on the National Mall. Lou was already planning for TheCall to partner with this event in October, but as he listened to the vision again that day he was gripped with a fresh revelation: “This will not just be a gathering of worshippers,” Lou prophesied,“it’s going to be a Psalm 68 procession of the Ark of God’s Presence moving into DC!” 

Around the same time, one of our students in California was also being stirred over Psalm 68. She didn’t know about Lou’s revelation, but she felt compelled to do a personal 21-day fast, praying daily for a Psalm 68:11 movement of women who would proclaim the word of the Lord in the midst of His great procession. Not long afterwards, Chris Berglund had a confirming dream in which we were to drive Highway 68 from Cleveland, Ohio all the way to Washington, DC. At this point, it was abundantly clear that Psalm 68 was a “path” being marked out for us.

As we delved into this comprehensive Psalm of David, we were struck by the overall context of God being on the move to establish justice and conquer His enemies. Commentators agree that Psalm 68 is likely connected with David bringing the Ark of the Covenant into Jerusalem. This event was a major turning point for the newly reunified nation of Israel who had gone over 20 years since the glory of the Lord departed from Shiloh. David begins this Psalm with the very words that Moses declared in the wilderness as God went out before His people and the Ark of His Strength: “Let God arise; Let His enemies be scattered!” The psalmist goes on to describe the Lord as riding in a storm and recounts His victories in the days of Deborah. We were particularly impacted by how the Psalm highlights the role of women in this glorious procession, as well as the goal of God to care for them and the children in their distress. The Lord seemed to beckon us to not only marvel at this passage, but to help make it manifest. We sensed his directive to facilitate a women-led solemn assembly on the National Mall on October 9th.

Meanwhile, as we were solidifying these plans, Lou was contacted by a leader from India named Sadhu Sundar Selvaraj who invited him to speak at a women’s conference he was hosting in the US. Lou had never ministered at a women’s conference before. Likewise, this Indian prophet had never hosted a women’s conference until this year. We were amazed to hear the backdrop to this endeavor: Sadhu explained that he had recently been encountered by the Lord and was told to “prepare God’s women for the fulfillment of Psalm 68:11 in the earth.” Sadhu was shown, among other significant roles, that women would be greatly needed as prophetic teachers, pastors and evangelists.

Although there have been many mighty women of God functioning in these roles throughout history, it is evident from the prophetic stream that God intends to greatly multiply these numbers as well as the anointing that rests upon them in this generation. (1)We saw a hint of this in a dream that Chris Berglund had recently in which he knew it was the year of Wonder Woman. Chris was shown a corresponding Supergirl that would be transfigured as Clark Kent had been in Superman. In the dream, he saw red phone booths scattered throughout the land and knew that many women were about to answer the call to be transformed into all that Christ had intended to be through them.

As we approach this catalytic gathering in Washington, DC next weekend, please join us in a mighty thrust of intercession unto this end.

  • Pray for a procession of angelic hosts in convergence with a mighty throng of God’s people to usher His presence into our nation’s capital.

  • Proclaim the prayer of Moses and David: “Let God arise and let His enemies be scattered!”

  • Pray for women everywhere to answer the invitation to transfiguration into the fullness of “sonship”, womanhood and motherhood.

  • Pray for a historic release of Psalm 68:11 through women preachers, teachers and evangelists.

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