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010 - Can A Nation Be Saved In A Day?

010 - Can A Nation Be Saved In A Day?

Letter From the Editor:

Welcome to all those who have joined us in The Briefing since our last post on North Korea. For the past few months we’ve been tracking together in an ongoing prophetic journey of  intercession. If you haven’t been with us from the start, you can catch up on our archives here. In today’s Briefing, I’m eager to share with you the burgeoning revelation behind the Rise Up gathering in Washington, DC. But first, I’d like to emphasize that although the focus is currently upon women’s strategic roles in God’s purpose, it does not in any way diminish the need for men to be fully and equally engaged. Just as Esther and Deborah were required to rise to the forefront of the spiritual and natural battles of their day, Mordecai and Barak also played critical and irreplaceable roles alongside their female counterparts. We believe that now, as it was then, the gates of history will turn on the hinges of both men and women, who together will demonstrate God’s glory in the earth.

  - Cheryl Amabile


In some ways, the prophetic backdrop to the Rise Up gathering in DC started with a woman named Teri Buck who was praying at Meditation Rock in Fredericksburg, Virginia. This rock is where Mary Washington, the mother of George Washington, also used to pray each day for the safety of her son and her country during the Revolutionary War. Lou prophesied to Teri back in 2010 that hundreds of thousands of women would be a part of this movement of prayer for their sons and daughters and for America, as we have been losing this generation to “wars” of many kinds.


Four years later, this prophetic vision exploded again at a leaders’ gathering in Virginia. This time, the whole room was drawn into a whirlwind of revelation that God was preparing a massive mobilization of women to save the nation. It was foreseen that it would be a Promise Keepers-type of gathering for a million women - young and old - and it would be a last stand against unrighteousness, breaking the back of Roe V. Wade and birthing another Jesus movement!

What we didn’t know at the time, was that this vision would come to birth in the midst of a pending global calamity involving North Korea that could potentially be to abortion what the Civil War was to slavery. As the prophet Ezekiel testified to Edom, “Since you have not hated bloodshed, bloodshed will pursue you.” Ez 35:6 It’s for this very reason that the contending movement of women that took to the streets of Washington, DC earlier this year is powerless to defend this generation. As long as the death decree of ‘73 stands in our courts, then a scourge of death also hovers over our homes, schools and cities.

However, we are not without hope. God has been unfolding a “now” strategy for this do-or-die moment in which He is bestowing great favor and responsibility upon the shoulders of His women. The stage is being set on October 6th, 7th and 8th, as worshippers from all 50 states will gather in tents to Awaken the Dawn on the National Mall for three days of extravagant praise and exaltation of Jesus. Then, on October 9th, we are calling every woman in America with a godly foundation to come to DC and take her place in the courts of heaven and earth. Can a nation be saved in a day? We believe that God has ordained such a time as this that we might travail together for a historic breakthrough for our nation.


In preparation for this day, we are asking everyone to engage in 30 days of fasting and prayer from September 1st - September 30th. One of our leaders recently had a dream in which he saw women walking into the waters of a lake and submerging themselves in the depths. He heard a voice in the dream say: “Every coronation is preceded by great consecration.” Let us not miss this window of opportunity!

Over these next 30 days we urge you to go deep in God and in times of prayer:

  • Let's plead the blood of Jesus over this land and this generation.

  • Release the angelic realm and a supernatural mobilization of God's people.

  • Pray for women to encounter the Lord and be crowned with revelation and authority. 

  • Unleash a torrent of intercession over your sons and daughters to birth them into their holy destinies.

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