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013 - Concentration of Force

013 - Concentration of Force

Letter From the Editor

The assignment that we are briefing you on today is very narrow in its scope of time and focus. It zeros in on the U.S. Supreme Court with a concentration of force this weekend October 6-9th. Help us alert many of the intercessors who already reside in and around the District, as well as the thousands who will be assembling on Capitol Hill this weekend for Awaken the Dawn and Rise Up. We believe this is a catalytic moment to be seized for the shifting of the Supreme Court and the ending of abortion. For those who are unable to be physically present in DC, we still urge you to read below and join us in intercession before the Throne as we pray on location throughout the next few days.

- Cheryl Amabile

Concentration of Force

We recently received a timely prayer strategy from Jay Comiskey, a trusted prophetic voice and friend of TheCall. A few months ago, while reading an old history book on World War II, Jay was inspired by a Royal Air Force mission called “Operation Millennium.” This historic air assault, initiated by the Air Officer Commander-in-Chief Sir Arthur Harris, mobilized 1000 RAF bombers in one night to strike the city of Cologne and break the back of Nazi Germany. Jay was stirred to see a similar mobilization of "air power" in the form of 1000 prayer teams who will barrage the U.S. Supreme Court with brief strikes of intercession during the 4-day period of October 6-9th. The Justice House of Prayer in DC, TheCall, and Awaken the Dawn are all taking up this vision to activate everyone who is able to participate in this coordinated effort of prayer.



The U.S. Supreme Court is located at 1 First Street NE, Washington, DC across from the Capitol Building at the east end of the National Mall. You can access the public grounds surrounding the Court anytime day or night. We recommend you pray discreetly and respectfully in groups of 2’s or 3’s, focusing your impact on the unseen realm.


Prayer Focuses:

1. Decree the removing, resigning, or reforming of four more Supreme Court justices

2. Pray for the Court's “covenant with death” to be annulled! Isaiah 28:18

3. Exalt our Lord Jesus Christ over the court as the Judge of judges. Psalm 82

4. Pray Isaiah 1:26 for our courts to be restored to biblical ideologies of justice and righteousness


For past Briefings on the Court, read The Last of the Giants and Erase the Influence.

* If you take up the assignment of 1000 Prayer Strikes on the Supreme Court this weekend, we’d love to hear from you. 

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