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016 - The Middle East and the Billion Soul Harvest

016 - The Middle East and the Billion Soul Harvest

Letter From the Editor:

We believe that revelation demands participation and so we’re greatly encouraged by our growing company of readers who are taking the prophetic intel and turning it into faith-filled intercession! In this Briefing you will receive some very timely directives that are key to shifting us into a global season of harvest. May God expand us all to carry his heart for the nations. I recommend the following articles:

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Thanks again for tracking with us in The Briefing. Let’s shape history together!

Cheryl Amabile



Why do the nations rage and the peoples plot in vain? ...Ask of me, and I will make the nations your inheritance, the ends of the earth your possession. Psalm 2


Recently, we were partnering with an intercessory prayer team in the Middle East when one of our leaders received a dream showing four nations that were forming a premature alliance against Israel. Three of these nations were depicted as a bear, a lion and a hawk, which we believe may symbolize Russia, Iran and Syria. In the dream, we were informed that Jeremiah 49 had a living application to this current situation and we were to use this passage in our authoritative prayers and decrees to break the bow of their military might and bring disruption and confusion to their plans. We were shown a dual dynamic in which we were contesting principalities in the heavenly realms while also contending for people to receive light, truth and freedom. This spiritual warfare was directly connected to the loosing of the “Billion Soul Harvest” that Bob Jones prophesied from his death experience in 1975.

This leader received a follow-up dream in which he saw the effects of our intercession as we were specifically praying in the Spirit. He explained:

I saw lost sons and daughters on the earth, who were not yet saved, but God was allowing me to see them as His inheritance. As you were praying in the Spirit, you were releasing water to those who had none and would perish without it.  Your prayers were releasing belts of truth that would open the eyes of the veiled ones to truth. As you were praying in the Spirit, faith was being manifest to see and believe in Jesus... The Lord was showing me the actual prayers of the Spirit that were coming out of the place of faith were already filled with power, vibration, and movement and were instantly yielding change.  

Just after returning from the Middle East, we were informed of a vision Rick Ridings had around the same time as this dream. Rick and his wife Patti are the founders and directors of Succat Hallel, a 24/7 prayer and worship ministry in Jerusalem. Rick was shown a large scroll removed from a cupboard having to do with the Lord’s purposes in the Middle East. The scroll said: “Now begins the judgment on the thrones of Islam.” He saw the legs being cut out from under these thrones in four different regions as the ground began to shake all over the Middle East. Rick then saw scrolls of revelation being sent forth to mature the harvest until it was ripe. He understood that we needed to pray for the Lord of the Harvest to thrust forth laborers into this harvest field.


Amazingly, both of these prophetic experiences highlight national/regional entities, the judgements of the Lord against demonic powers and principalities, and the release of revelation to the people in preparation for the gospel to be received. We believe God is confirming his battle plan in order to engage many in focused intercession for the Middle East at this transitional hour of history. Let us continue to restrain the arm of the enemy and to open the way for the captives to be freed from the bondage of Islam through sustained prayers and decrees.  


Earlier this year we received a dream from our friend Roger Joyner in which he was told: “There’s a lot of things going on in America, but don’t miss the inauguration of the Bob Jones’ prayer room.” As we have pondered this dream, our sense is that it’s an invitation - even in the midst of stewarding the purposes of God for America - to pray in the global promises that God entrusted to this generation through the prophetic ministry of Bob Jones. In 1975, Bob encountered the Lord beyond the veil and was told: "Prepare the people, for I am going to bring a billion souls in one great harvest”. It’s our time to apprehend the secrets of heaven and contend for the fulfillment of this harvest and the tearing down of every high thing that sets itself against the knowledge of God.

Pray in the Spirit and pray with your understanding (1 Cor 14:15): 

- Declare Jeremiah 49 and the breaking of the bow of Elam.

- Decree the disruption of this alliance against Israel and the restraining of every hindrance to the gospel of the Kingdom.

- Pray for open doors in the hearts, minds, nations and borders of the Middle East.

- Pray the Lord of the Harvest to “ekballo” laborers into the harvest fields of these regions.

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