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015 - Sustain The Momentum

015 - Sustain The Momentum


Last Monday on October 9th, thousands of women assembled on the National Mall in DC joined by over a million online participants as they took their place before the throne of God. For eight hours of unceasing worship and intercession, young and old of varied ethnic backgrounds cleaved together in unity of purpose. We prayed for our families, our communities and our leaders, crying out for the ending of abortion and for a breakthrough of love and revival. In many ways it felt like a culmination of decades where countless prayers had been sown like seeds into this same historic field. Yet, by the time the crowds dispersed at the end of the day, there was a sense that not only had something significant been completed, but that something new had begun.


TheCall has never been about one-time events. We didn't gather at Rise Up just for the sake of gathering. We didn’t even gather for a day of anointed worship or exhortation. We came together to seek a spiritual breakthrough for our nation. And breakthrough comes at a cost - both beforehand and afterwards. This was emphasized in a recent dream from our friend Brian Hume, who served as the National Prayer Coordinator for Awaken the Dawn.

In Brian’s dream, last weekend’s events were described as “A CROWNING MOMENT!” Then, in the dream, it was explained that the 40 days after the crowning moment would be equally important as the moment itself. We were told of the need to “sustain the momentum in the place of prayer and intercession.” 

Though there is much God is doing in this hour, we have sensed 3 KEY AREAS OF MOMENTUM that we need to sustain through prayer in the current season:

1) THE RISING OF WOMEN - The “crowning moment” terminology in Brian’s dream is particularly encouraging to us in light of the storyline of Esther. This is the book that God first used to frame our understanding of His purpose for women in this hour. It says in Esther 2:17 She won grace and favor in his sight more than all the virgins, so that he set the royal crown on her head and made her queen. Let’s continue to contend for women across the earth to rise up in the favor and authority of God. Pray they will impact this generation with the full measure of influence God has ordained for them. Pray for this global awakening of women to not only shake every sphere of society, but to birth many sons and daughters into the Kingdom.

2) THE SHIFTING OF THE SUPREME COURT - One of the highlights of Rise Up was our corporate prayer for the Supreme Court. After a period of silent petition for the ending of abortion, everyone on both the field and the stage stretched out their hands in the direction of the Court releasing a roar of intercession. Our command, in accordance with the knowledge of God’s will, was for the reforming, resigning, or removing of four more judges. Along these lines, James Goll, a trusted prophetic voice in the nation, recently had a revelatory experience regarding the Court. In an encounter on the Day of Atonement, James understood that winds of awakening would be loosed across the land and we were to welcome their impact in Washington, DC. He saw that the days following October 9th would be a significant time for intercession. James prophesied: “There could be a shift that happens in the Supreme Court of America within a 40-day period after this if the Lord has the fullness of his will. I hear the Lord saying, 'Watch the courts! Watch the courts!’ Please pray with us daily from October 9th through November 17th for the fullness of God’s will to be manifest in the shifting of the United States Supreme Court.


3) THE HEALING OF THE RACIAL WOUND IN AMERICA - Some of the most heart-wrenching moments of Rise Up were spent weeping for one another’s children. Mothers from "white suburbia" groaned for the pain of their African American sisters who fear for the safety of their sons and daughters living amidst inner-city drugs and violence. African American and Hispanic mothers were unrestrained in their cries for the teen suicides and opiate addictions of their anglo sisters and their families. The boundless love of God was on display through a band of selfless mothers and would-be-mothers whose hearts were knit together in intercession. Pray that this root of union between godly women will grow and multiply to fill the nation with it’s fruit. Pray that God will anoint an expression of true motherhood that rises to heal the wounds of hatred and rejection that have torn at the fabric of our nation’s soul.

 We thank God for this crowning moment in Washington, DC. Let's join together now in sustaining the momentum through prayer and intercession!

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