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052 - Four Ruths

052 - Four Ruths


Several years ago while Lou Engle and Chris Berglund were in Jerusalem together, Chris had two impactful dreams that are beckoning to us today. In the first dream, he and Lou received a phone call from four Ruths: Ruth Prince (Derek Prince’s wife), Ruth Heflin, Ruth Graham (Billy Graham’s wife) and Ruth of the Bible. In the second dream, Lou and Dutch Sheets were calling for "global spiritual Aliyah.”


Note: Aliyah is a Hebrew word meaning to go up. “Making Aliyah” is the modern expression used when Jews return to live in their homeland, i.e. going up to Israel.

We believe these two dreams are closely connected in their meaning, calling for Gentile Ruths who will turn their hearts to Israel and embrace the Jewish community declaring, “Your people shall be my people, and your God shall be my God.” This has become a key thrust of intercession for our team while here in the land. It has also sifted our souls as we consider what it may mean for us personally to answer the call and fully commit ourselves to God’s purposes for Israel.

For Ruth, the Moabitess, it meant everything. She literally exchanged her national and spiritual identity for another with no foreseeable benefit to herself. As a result, she ended up reaping the bounty of harvest and becoming the great grandmother of King David.

Ruth Prince adopted three Jewish children and eventually moved to Israel where she met and married Derek. Together they lived out their intercession amongst the Jewish people and brought Derek’s teachings to the nations from Jerusalem.

Ruth Heflin also made her home in Jerusalem. She lived in the land for 26 years while raising up global prayer for Israel and for those making Aliyah. Ruth’s sacrifice and worship leading  also reached the heavens and ushered many into the glory realm of God.

 Ruth Graham also lived a life laid down. As she undergirded her husband's ministry to the masses and to heads of state, their impact helped establish the US evangelical’s support of Israel throughout their generation. Today her children are continuing to further the legacy that began with her and Billy.  

All four of these Ruths have finished their race and joined the cloud of witnesses. Why are they calling to us today? Derek Prince plainly taught that there are many interests that are close to God’s heart, but the restoration of Israel takes precedence over all others. Surely, each generation has both the opportunity and responsibility to take up this cause. We believe we’re being called upon to pray for a mass emerging of Gentile Ruths across the earth - both men and women - who will devote themselves to God’s purpose for Israel no matter what the cost.


Let’s pray for the Church abroad to depart from Replacement Theology and return in their hearts to the Jewish people. Pray for a movement of prayer and fasting over Israel that will open the heavens and counter the spirit of anti-semitism that seeks dominance once again on the global stage. Pray for presidents, businessmen and congressman who will stand with Israel in the face of humanism and nationalism. Pray for intercessors who will make Jerusalem their greatest joy (Psalm 137:6) and find no rest until God has made her a praise in the earth (Isaiah 62:7). Pray for Christians who will covenant themselves in partnership with Messianic believers, so together - like Ruth and Boaz - we might reap the end-time harvest in the nations of the earth.

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