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O50 - A New Generation of Nazirites

O50 - A New Generation of Nazirites


“If a man or woman desires to make a special vow, the vow of separation to the Lord as a Nazirite…”  (Numbers 6:2)

“Thank God for the apostles. Thank God for the prophets and evangelists. But when the nazirite voices like John the Baptist begin to be heard, I tell you, nations will shake and turn back to the Lord at the sound.

- Lou Engle, Nazirite DNA 

During our team’s first night in Jerusalem, we received a dream that we were “praying for the destiny of Israel.” This was an encouraging way to start our 40 days of prayer, but still it left us with a rather large target and a lot of questions. Since then, as we’ve been walking, watching, listening and praying for the people of this land, the Lord has led us into some revelatory veins of intercession, one of which involves a resounding ancient strategy. 

As we shared in The Briefing #048 we believe we may be in an historic window of time to see an massive outbreak of God’s wondrous grace on the Jewish people worldwide. This could potentially lead to the actual fulfillment of Romans 11:15 concerning the receiving of Christ. 

“For if their rejection means the reconciliation of the world, what will their acceptance mean but life

from the dead?”

Just before Azusa Now in 2016, we received a dream from Shawn Bolz that seemed to hint at a massive shift in the times concerning Israel. In his dream, Shawn and Lou were standing at a huge wall that looked like the Wailing Wall in Jerusalem. It was also our prayer wall. Shawn saw angels stationed there and he was aware of construction going on. He was shocked at first to see cuts being made in the stones and hinges being put in place. But then, just when Shawn thought the wall was being destroyed, it swung on the hinges and became a door that opened up into a whole new season. 


In biblical times, one of the ways God brought about major transitional shifts in Israel was to raise up individuals and companies of whole-hearted consecrated ones called nazirites. The nazirite vow allowed men and women who were not born into the priesthood to draw near to God and set themselves apart in a special way for His extraordinary use. These nazirites often became the very hinge of history. Samson, Samuel and John the Baptist were some of the life-long nazirites who were used to change the course of the nation. Could this be part of God’s strategy for Israel once again

A young women in our community had a recent dream in which a man named Aaron was speaking of nazirite devotion. In the dream, she found herself on the pages of her Bible in Numbers 6. She was actually walking from the Law of the Nazirite at the beginning of the chapter to the Aaronic Blessing at the end. At this point in the dream, she heard a voice ring out and say, “If a people set themselves apart to wholeheartedly seek my face, they'll get the light of my face to shine - not just on them - but on their whole nation!”

Three thousand years ago, Hannah’s prayer gave birth to the nazirite Samuel. He grew up in God’s presence, and through him, the word of the Lord came to all of Israel. Where are the Hannah’s of today who will birth a new generation of priests, kings and nazirites-of-the-heart? Currently, there are about 20,000 Messianic Jews living in their homeland and up to 350,000 in the US and other nations. How many of their young people are potentially being raised at the altar of His presence once again? It doesn’t take a majority - only a concentrated remnant.

Would you join us in praying for a new generation of Jewish nazirites to rise up from these communities? Let’s pray for the fire of God’s passion to pursue them and set their hearts aflame for Him. Each one wholly devoted. Hannah’s prayer was not denied. Let’s believe together for consecrated ones who will shake off the status quo of culture and religion and seek His face with all their hearts until He shines on all of Israel.  

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