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039 - A Super Bowl for the Church

039 - A Super Bowl for the Church


A Super Bowl for the Church

“In the last days," God says, "I will pour out my Spirit on all people." Acts 2:17

 Today, while millions of Americans are watching the Patriots face off against the Rams in the 2019 NFL Super Bowl, the question remains, “Is there a Super Bowl for the Church?”

 This is what Lou Engle has been asking the Lord since 1995 when he witnessed two 11-year old girls experiencing a heavenly encounter in an outpouring of the Spirit at Mott Auditorium in Pasadena, CA. One moment stood out that night when the girls began to prophesy, "Mott's too small! Stadiums will be filled! There's Vince Lombardi in Heaven!” Lou asked them, “Do you know who Vince Lombardi is?" They said, "No, we have never heard of him, but he has a football helmet on in Heaven.”

 In the years that followed, Lou went on to fill stadiums with prayer and fasting. However, he knew this wasn’t the endgame. It was just the beginning.

 In the early ’90’s, a prophetic father named Paul Cain began to release a vision he had seen over a hundred times. The Lord showed Paul football stadiums being filled with signs, wonders, and the raising of the dead, all being led by nameless, faceless men and women. Paul saw that the media would cover the mass gatherings of those days saying, “No bad news tonight - only good news!” He recounts that it seemed as if all the world was ablaze with revival.


In 2007, an Orlando ministry leader named Leah Ramirez had never heard these stories. However, one day as she was driving to her ministry school, the audible voice of the Lord loudly interrupted her in the car saying, “Leah, fill the bowls and I will pour them out.” Immediately upon hearing this, she passed the Citrus Bowl on her right. Shortly afterwards, Leah arrived at the ministry base shaken by what she had experienced. She walked into the building and was astonished to hear the prayer team and singers singing Revelation 4 and 5, specifically about the bowls being filled with the prayers of the saints.  

 Later that day, Leah got home just as her husband was watching the 6pm news. They were reporting on a story of the East Coast stadiums and the money that was being spent to refurbish the bowls. That’s when Leah felt led to google “Stadium Vision” and found Paul Cain’s prophecy for the first time. That night, under the weighty presence of the Lord, she consecrated her life to see this vision fulfilled.

 Several years later, Leah contacted the manager of the Citrus Bowl and asked him to grant her the stadium for free for an evangelistic crusade. Remarkably, he agreed! “Orlando is due a move of God,” he said. However, the booked event was later cancelled as the stadium pushed up their refurbishing plans and cleared their schedule for a year.

 To date, the Citrus Bowl (now named Camping World Stadium) has not been used for an evangelistic gathering since 1983 when Billy Graham held a crusade there. That’s about to   change later this month, on February 23rd, as thousands gather for The Send.

 We are convinced that God, through these prophetic markers, has been building our faith and moving us towards this moment. Would you join with us today in filling the bowls of heaven with prayer for the bowls on earth?

 PRAYER: Father, we agree with the heavenly vision of stadiums and mass revival. Grant us a Super Bowl for the Church! Send your Spirit and awaken your people. Let the bowls be filled with the preaching of the gospel, miracles, signs and wonders as you sweep many into your kingdom. Oh God, in Orlando, even as the Citrus Bowl is filled with your saints, would you pour us out into the fields of our inheritance? Use this gathering to activate your Church. Do not let us miss our day of visitation. May your name be famous amidst a nameless and faceless generation in our day!

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