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001 - The Last of the Giants

001 - The Last of the Giants

Note from the Editor:

I’m eager to share with you our first of many “briefings” from TheCall. We’re starting en medias res with a current revelation concerning the U.S. Supreme Court. It doesn’t take prophetic keenness to recognize that the Court is the frontline of battle for the legislative morality of America. However, the following insight is sure to impact your sense of expectancy and responsibility in intercession, as it has ours.

- Cheryl Amabile



In a recent prayer meeting with TheCall staff, Lou felt compelled to read an excerpt from George Otis, Jr.’s book, The Last of the Giants. Otis recounts the remarkable series of events in the Soviet Union where multiple leaders died in quick succession just prior to Gorbachev’s rise to power. In his interpretation of history, Otis suggests that when the time had come for communism to end, God’s hand lay heavily upon the seat of government until there sat a man who would partner with His purpose. He observed this as one of the clearest examples of Daniel 2:21 when God “changes times and seasons; deposes kings and raises up others.” Lou was stirred to share this with our team because he had a resonating sense that we had come to a similar time in America concerning the shifting of Supreme Court judges for the ending of abortion.

None of us knew in advance that Lou would bring this George Otis book to the meeting, and most of us had never heard of it before, including Chris Berglund. But, when Lou finished sharing, Chris then shared a confirming dream he had just the night before. In the dream, Chris saw a typewritten piece of paper. In the lower right area of the page were the words “The Last of the Giants.” Then, in the dream, a man was telling Chris that we should believe God for five seats on the Supreme Court and not just one. Chris knew he meant that Neil Gorsuch was the first of the five, and that there were four more we needed to believe for.


We were stunned by the immediacy and clarity of this confirmation. It left us no doubt that God’s hand is ready to sweep through the court to prepare the way for pro-life, pro-Constitution judges unto the reversal of Roe v. Wade. It is now our task as intercessors to persist in sustained, daily prayer until it is finished.

This has become a defining prayer: we need to command and decree the removing, resigning, or reforming of four Supreme Court justices. Also, we must pray that President Trump will be a Cyrus to let the unborn go free and that God will “gird him”, as in Isaiah 45, so he will not make wrong decisions.

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