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032 - The Roots of Corruption 

032 - The Roots of Corruption 

Note from the Editor:

We are half-way through our 40-day prayer focus for the midterms and the Lord just encountered us with a precise word of direction. Please read the following charge from Lou Engle and let’s move together in unified intercession.  

- Cheryl Amabile


THE BRIEFING 032 - The Roots of Corruption 

By Lou Engle

This morning I woke to the realization that now through the elections is 21 days. The future of America, I believe, is at a toss-up. We will either swing to the right or swing to the leftist ideologies with their pillars of legalized bloodshed and state-sanctioned immorality that destroy the pillars of life and family in our nation. The prophet Daniel set his face fasting for 21 days. He presided over a governmental shift in Persia, where archangels warred in the heavens and public policy shifted on earth.

 Today, just as I was meeting with Paul and Cheryl Amabile to talk about The Briefing, we received a phone call from a seasoned prophetic intercessor. She had a profound dream that she felt compelled to share with me at that moment. This was her dream…

 I was part of a prayer gathering outside the U.S. Capitol building in Washington, DC. Lou Engle was leading our group of about 500 intercessors as we surrounded a massive hole in the ground.  It was dark outside and the hole was very deep, wide and sinister. I asked the Lord, “What is this hole?” He answered, “This is your job, to pull up the roots of corruption from Congress.” As we did so, the atmosphere around the Capitol grew brighter and brighter like the light of dawn.


In the next 21 days, I believe God will be exposing deep-seated corruption in government (Republican and Democrat) and unveiling deep state darkness, economic injustice for financial gain, covenants with death, and occult practices.

 We were amazed at the timing of this dream and felt to urgently send out this word to the Daniels and Danielle’s. Many of you are already engaged with us in 40-days of fasting and prayer, but may desire to intensify your focus. Others have yet to be activated. We urge you all to set your face for these last 21 days to shift the elections by pulling out the root of corruption! Join us in decreeing the exposure of corruption, the cleansing of our government, and a return to righteousness in high places. Pray and decree sudden shifts in the public mindset over the Senate and House races.

It’s Daniel’s time! May God say about His intercessors as the archangel said to Daniel, “O man, O woman, you are highly esteemed in heaven.”

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