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026 - The Mercy Seat

026 - The Mercy Seat

Letter From the Editor:
In 2008 we held a four-month 24/7 Bound4Life prayer strike at the steps of the Supreme Court. In the face of the mounting bloodshed of abortion, our only case was to plead the better blood of the slain Lamb of God who has become for us a mercy seat. At the time, the Lord gave us a prophetic cry for another type of mercy seat on the bench of the Supreme Court. We knew we needed a seat of government - a judge’s seat - that would align with God’s merciful intent and shift the court, not just from liberal to conservative, but from rebellion to righteousness. This week, with Justice Kennedy now vacating his place on the bench, we have come to a moment in time when this cry can be answered. In the following Briefing, we share what God has entrusted to us as some of the how and what we need to pray at this crucial turning point in America.  

- Cheryl Amabile



Jesus, I plead your blood over my sins and the sins of my nation.
God, end abortion and send revival to America.
Lou Engle’s 22-word prayer to replace the 22-word prayer that was removed from schools by Engel v Vitale  

About twenty years ago, Lou Engle had a life-defining encounter with the heart of God for this generation. He was invited to speak at a youth church in California when the Lord gave him a word to share at the meeting. God told him, “I’m going to show mercy to the youth of America because they are the great, great, great, great grandchildren of Jonathan Edwards, the father of the First Great Awakening.” The Lord said, “Just like David remembered his covenant with Jonathan and showed mercy to his crippled son, I’m going to show mercy to a crippled generation in America!” Lou hadn’t told anyone what he was going to share. Then, just before his message, a young man came up to him and said: “Hey Mr. Engle, guess what? I just found out this week that I’m the great, great, great, great grandson of Jonathan Edwards!” At that moment, Lou knew this was not just a good word, it was the Word of the Lord.


This week, the night after Justice Kennedy announced his retirement, our friend Chris Berglund had a profound dream that we believe is connected with this prior word. In his dream, Chris was in a heavenly council room and he saw Jonathan Edwards approach the stand. For some reason he was summoned by the name “Sir Jonathan.” Chris watched as Sir Jonathan began issuing the following declarations:

  • I command “the awakening time is now upon us’’ to be agreed with on earth as it is in Heaven.

  • I command those who have been given charge over angel armies to take their place and release those armies.

  • I command those who are to make us complete to now be about the Father’s business.

  • I command His beloved to come forth.

  • I command the eagles’ wings to be healed and fly in strength once again.


In addition to witnessing this courtroom activity, Chris also remembers seeing angelic highways being paved by intercessors’ declarations and faith-filled prayers. He was shown that there were witch covens all over America being disrupted and disturbed by what was taking place in intercession. He understood that we had to take our stand in commands and declarations just like Edwards did so that the witches would not be effective in their desire to stop these decrees. It was clear that the body of Christ was used to settling for second best when God was wanting us to believe and to work with the cloud of witnesses and the angels to accomplish His desires.

In the dream, Chris saw that women were rising up but some of the men were hiding in fear. He knew that the fear was caused by doubt in God's full deliverance that was available. As he saw this, it brought to mind a prophetic word that Bobby Conner had released about a small cloud of doubt that God said could “devastate and steal every spiritual blessing from His people.” Chris knew that without faith no one could please God or participate in His nature and purpose being manifest.  
We take this dream very seriously as a clear indicator of heaven’s timetable and a strong directive to the praying Church. It is time for a historic spiritual awakening in America that will lead to a great harvest of souls. Thus, we find it no coincidence that we were given this dream at the very time of a Supreme Court vacancy. Justice Anthony Kennedy’s resignation, effective on July 31st, will allow the first viable opportunity in decades to actually shift the court and make way for the reversal of Roe v. Wade and same-sex marriage. As written in the 22-word prayer, we understand that the ending of abortion and revival must come hand in hand. Without the removal of these laws, our nation cannot be aligned with the covenantal blessings that God longs to bestow upon us.

Can a corrupt throne be allied with You - a throne that brings on misery by its decrees? 
The wicked band together against the righteous and condemn the innocent to death.  
Psalm 94:20


Thankfully we have come to a profound moment of opportunity, but we must not take it for granted. While President Trump is consulting with his advisors to consider his choice of nominees, we must set ourselves to prayer on his behalf and on behalf of the person whom God has chosen to fill this vital position in our nation’s highest court. The president is expected to announce his nomination on July 9th, but inside sources have reported that his decision may be made as early as the beginning of this week. The hour is urgent!
Fortunately, in the months leading up to this anticipated moment, many have been in the secret place of prayer where God often reveals His own secrets. Not long ago, our dear friend Matt Lockett, Executive Director of JHOP-DC and Bound4LIFE International, had a vivid dream in which he was working as a Secret Service officer guarding Karen Pence, the wife of Vice President Mike Pence. In the dream, Mrs. Pence was visibly disturbed and worried about something. Matt heard her explaining to some friends how she had been summoned to a meeting about who the next justice should be and she was concerned because she didn’t know what to say. Matt grabbed her shoulders in the dream, looked her in the eyes and said: “Remember the name Amy Barrett!”  
Amy Coney Barrett is on President Trump’s short list of potential nominees. In the natural, this judge from Indiana who was confirmed last year to the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals, is everything we would hope for in a judicial candidate for the Supreme Court. Yet, even more than having the professional credentials and reputation of someone who would make a great justice, we believe Barrett has the endorsement of heaven behind her. Matt’s dream is one of several prophetic indicators that have repeatedly brought her to our attention. It even occurred to us after Chris’ recent dream that Sir Jonathan’s decree commanding "His beloved to come forth" may possibly be alluding to Amy herself, as her name actually means “beloved.”
There is a measure of mystery that comes with the prophetic, but this much is for sure: the Ekklesia of God is being summoned to the bench! Let us not miss our day of visitation. It’s time to wage war in the heavenly realms according to the revelation we’ve been given. It’s time to make way through prophetic decrees for those whom God desires to raise up. It’s time to partner with the cloud of witnesses and the angelic armies unto a Third Great Awakening and the shifting of our courts. It’s time for God to show mercy to the great, great, great, great grandchildren of Jonathan Edwards!
Join with us at TheCall and with intercessors across the nation as we:

- Build ourselves up in faith and resist all forms of doubt and unbelief.
- Agree specifically with the commands Jonathan Edwards released from the council room.
- Pray for Amy Barrett to be remembered and positioned for God’s highest purpose.
- Intercede for President Trump and his advisors to be apprehended by God to do His will.

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