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024 - Generational Transfer

024 - Generational Transfer

Letter from the Editor:

I was once instructed in a dream that it would take three generations partnering together in unity to accomplish the full purpose of God on the earth. It seems we have come to a time when this kind of partnership may become a reality. Today’s Briefing convey’s a dream and excerpts from Day 10 of our 418 Prayer Strike in Santa Maria that speak to this effect. It’s our privilege to share with you this revelation along with impartation from a father prophet of 88 years. As you read, may you be envisioned for some of God’s end-time purpose and anointed to see it through to its glorious fulfillment.

Cheryl Amabile


During our recent ten days of prayer in Santa Maria, Chris Berglund dreamed that we were on a football field called the Court of Angels. It was 4th down with 18 yards to go and Paul Cain hiked the ball to Lou Engle. Lou immediately handed it off to the youngest and smallest player on the team. This player went on to run the ball into the end zone scoring 14 points instead of the normal 7 awarded for a touchdown (including the extra point).  
We believe this dream connects with Paul Cain’s recurring Stadium Vision in which he has seen the football fields of the nation become the playing fields of God’s manifest glory. It seems clear that 4th down and 18 yards refers to Paul Cain’s prophetic promise of Luke 4:18 and how Lou Engle is passing this on to double-portion sons and daughters who will help to carry it all the way to fulfillment!


As discussed in our recent post, Luke 4:18 quotes the scroll of Isaiah 61 which Jesus declared at the inauguration of his earthly ministry. This passage was prophesied by Paul Cain’s mother on her deathbed saying, “Luke 4:18 for Paul and the world!” She died the next day at 4:18 on 4/18 as a divine confirmation of this scripture that both her son and a consecrated generation were meant to walk in as Jesus did.

“The Spirit of the Lord is on me,
    because he has anointed me
    to proclaim good news to the poor.
He has sent me to proclaim freedom for the prisoners
    and recovery of sight for the blind,
to set the oppressed free,
19 to proclaim the year of the Lord’s favor.”

After receiving Chris’ dream, our team had the honor of meeting with Paul Cain and having him pray over us to carry his vision and prophecy to fullness. We felt that we “did the dream” and that Paul had handed off the ball. The following night, Paul came to speak at the culminating gathering on the anniversary of his mother’s passing. He was so powerfully touched by the Lord after our interchange the day before, that he felt he was now to release an impartation to all who would receive it!
Paul explained, “The Lord is coming to his Church and he’s giving his glory and a taste of heaven... and he’s getting us ready for the great fulfillment of these three books of the bible and these three chapters of Luke 4:18, Joel 2 and Acts 2… These are the end times… ALL of us are going to be used of God… Let’s get ready for it!”
“So, I want to do an impartation now and I want you to take it seriously... I believe this is probably the most important thing I’ve done… (We) have such a unique privilege of ushering in something tonight that will please the heart of God for all time.” 
Paul went on to say, “We’ve lost so much in the Healing Revivals. We’ve lost so much in the Latter Rain Revival. Something has been lost of the Azusa Street Outpouring, and the Jeffreys brothers, and Smith Wigglesworth, and all those great moves of God. God wants us to recover everything that’s been lost. Everything that went astray that He wants you and me to recover that tonight and carry this vision the rest of our lives.”

We received another dream the morning of April 18th that brings more insight into what and how we are to recover all that was lost. In this dream, Chis saw Paul Cain handing out two pennies to each person who would receive them. Both pennies were wheat coins, which we believe speaks of the harvest. Also, Chris was aware of an emphasis on each penny being “one cent,” which we understand to be a play on words for one being sent and commissioned by the Father. Specifically, Paul was giving everyone a 1948 penny and a 1942 steel penny. Chris knew the steel pennies were war pennies that were minted during the height of World War II. We believe this depicts the commissioning of the sons and daughters of God to enact war in the heavenly realms. This dimension of exerting God’s authority over demonic principalities is a necessary part of releasing peoples, regions and entire nations from spiritual bondage as mentioned in Luke 4:18. Then, the 1948 penny signifies the timeframe of the Healing Revivals, the Latter Rain Outpouring, and the restoration of the State of Israel. Thus, the dream seems to indicate the re-activation of The Body of Christ in our day to demonstrate God’s Kingdom in both heaven and earth to reap a great harvest. 


Unto this end we want to share with you now the very prayer that Paul Cain released at our April 18th gathering in Santa Maria. We urge you not just to read the following words, but to posture your heart to receive from God, through his servant Paul, a powerful impartation of His Spirit. 
“Heavenly Father, just as sincere as I know how to be, I stand with these and those that are kneeling. Oh Lord, we agree together that you will come forth and you will baptize these with the Holy Ghost and with fire. You will give us a divine commission to bring everything that was lost back to order and back for another last and final presentation for the whole world. You will fill everyone here with a power… to manifest and do what you’ve called us to do in these last days. 

Lord you’re about to pour out your Spirit upon all flesh. You’re about to move upon everyone of us with a clear and a distinct word of knowledge and word of wisdom. You’re about to show forth your power, your sovereignty in righteousness and justice and love and eternal life. Lord, you’re going to show us all of your power, and your omnipotence, and your omnipresence, and your immutability, Lord. Oh God, with your omnipotence, with your wonderful omniscience we’re going to see this happen. 
And now I pray that you’ll baptize us all. You’ll impart into every life that’s looking this way and looking unto you, the Author and the Finisher of our Faith. You’re going to use everyone here, and everyone that will view this, and everyone that will hear about this. You’re going to use them to glorify your name from one end of the earth to the other end of the earth. And, as Joel says, you’ll pour out your Spirit upon all flesh. Your sons and daughters will prophesy your old men shall dream dreams. Your young men shall see visions. Upon your servants and handmaidens you’ll pour out all of your Spirit. 

So, pour, pour, pour more, more and more of the Holy Ghost and fire upon everyone that stands here, everyone who is looking, everyone who is listening to this in the future. Lord, baptize them with fire, Holy Ghost and fire, and let us go into all the world and see the prophecies all fulfilled. And what was said on the day of Pentecost, repeat it. Repeat it from the day of Pentecost, repeat Joel 2, and then Luke 4:18. Let it all come about. Let it all come to pass. It is done! It is done!

You have poured out your Spirit and will continue to pour out your Spirit and never, never lift your Spirit from all your people from one end of the earth to the other end of the earth. So be it Lord God Almighty in the name of your only begotten Son, the Lord Jesus Christ full of grace and truth. We thank you for what you’ve done tonight and what you’ll continue to do for everyone who hears this prophetic word, in Jesus’ holy matchless name, and the power of the Father Almighty God, and the Spirit of the Holy Ghost, along with Jesus Lord of all. The Three-in-One and One-in-Three baptizes you and me in Jesus' name. Amen.

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